When we heard that farmers were collecting information on paper we immediately knew there was a place we could take advantage of technology to improve this process.

What it does

FarmForms allows a farmer to log in to a forms dashboard. Each dashboard easily allows a farmer to create new entries and view those entries over time. All forms are filterable by date and other important fields. The forms persist data overtime,in one location, making it easy to view and share with others.

How we built it

We built this dashboard mockup using React.Its production version would include expressJS as a backend and MongoDB as a database.

Challenges we ran into


Accomplishments that we're proud of

The architecture of our data took a lot of thought, so we could easily record a single piece of information, but use it in multiple places. This required us to design a map of questions, which are related to each form.

What we learned

we found a great package called react-table that was a great resource to design our table.

What's next for FarmForms

Now that we have the data collection dashboard, we hope to expand the functionality to make use of the data. We want to implement a 'walkthrough' engine, which will allow a user to select a form such as 'GAP certification', and leverage all the information they have been collecting to easily fillout this form. We also hope to implement a sharing feature, which would allow a farmer to share any piece of informatioin they like with another user (such as a buyer or auditor), to make it fast and efficient to prove their ability.

Lastly, all of this data collection would fit great in an analytics dashboard which would allow a farmer to view graphs or charts on certain fields, to help derive insights that otherwise might go missed.

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