Technology has given us the ability to streamline many different common tasks. For example, applications like Craigslist takes the pain out of shopping for second-hand items. We decided to apply similar logic to Farmer's Markets. By cutting out the travel, time, and advertising cost of farming, we reduce the cost to consumers and increase the profit for farmers. Additionally, the "produce on demand" model reduces wastage of goods and increases the quality and freshness of the products for consumers

What it does

The app connects two groups of people - farmers and consumers. Farmers may make entries, which become available for consumers to purchase. From there, the consumers place an order for a certain quantity of produce. The farmer and consumer, then, initiate contact and arrange for payment and pickup, thereby avoiding wasted time and money.

How we built it

During our brainstorming session,we evaluated all of the ideas that each one of us came up with, on the basis of clarity of Idea, difficulty level considering our skill set, time required to complete the project and attractiveness based on potential impact on society.Then we shortlisted three of them which met all criteria, including a binary clock and a unbiased video sharing site. We settled on this idea and decided to implement with Android Studio for which we had to go through documentation and a few tutorials before getting started. Next we divided the project into inter-connected modules and got to work.

Challenges we ran into

Most of us were not familiar with Android Studio before this project. The software can be quite confusing to trace errors, especially for beginners. This posed two problems - the time overhead of learning the structure of Android applications, and the learning curve of actually implementing code in this unfamiliar system. At one point, we were stuck on a particularly daunting problem which caused development to grind to a standstill, but we got through it with the help of online forums like stackOverflow. Additionally, one team member, our most skilled, could not join us after the first few hours due to a prior commitment, and one team member was the youngest participant of the event, but still we were all on board, thanks to his extra efforts.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Although we were not familiar with mobile application development, we took this up as a challenge, and reached the desired end result as we thought it should be during our brainstorming session..

What's next for FarmersMarket

Firstly, we will need to conduct market surveys to see if there is a general demand for this product. Secondly, we should add transactions to the app, so that payment is not peer-to-peer. Finally, we could arrange for a system of transportation involving convenient, short-term contracts, in a model we call "microtransportation".

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