Centralization of the agricultural and farming scenario.

What it does

Helps farmers by providing them with easy to use application to manage their farming activities. They can lookup their field data, get notifications about upcoming bad weather, and geofencing utilizing their current location and location of the farm. In geofencing we notify the farmers when they have not visited the farm for a while (for demo purposes- 10 seconds). We display data on an iPhone and an Apple Watch.

How we built it

  • xcode
  • Swift 2.1
  • Sketch
  • WatchOS
  • iOS
  • Climate Corporation's APIs

Challenges we ran into

  • Getting GPS Accuracy
  • Using Climate Corporation's API
  • Frying up our Raspberry Pi :(

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Teamwork. Learning new things. Coding for good! How small thing can make big impact.

What we learned

iOS coding, using the climate API to retrieve data, UI/UX, and weather from open weather map

What's next for

AppStore is our next goal! Add new features like - Agricultural machinery management, Using autonomous drones to view fields, etc.

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