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Farming is an incredible profession. In India, over 50% of the entire workforce is engaged in the agriculture sector. The sector also accounts for a significant portion of the nation's GDP. The food that comes to our tables 3-4 times a day is often taken for granted. It's a basic need. In fact, it's so basic that we sometimes forget about our diligent friends who spend days in fields in villages under the sun and rain, raising crops. Farmers are our best friends. In rural India, life is hard. Although, the situation is changing fast due to technological progress and smart governance. The government's digitization efforts have helped farmers a lot. Due to unpredictable weather conditions and other factors, the margin of profit is not satisfactory in this sector all the time, especially, for small farmers. It's not possible for us to imagine what goes on in a farmer's mind when he does not get a good price of his produce and his daughter's marriage is in the next month or his son's college is asking for the due admission fee.

The harsh economic situation forces farmers to take loans from nationalized and private banks and also from local lenders. The problem does not end there, because the amount is often very small compared to the repeated losses. This results in a farmer getting buried under tons of debt. In the Indian state of Maharashtra, over 600 farmers committed suicide from March to May of this year. Capital is a requirement in any business and agriculture business is not an exception. What is responsible for the ever-increasing burden of debt on our farmer brothers and sisters is poor communication between the lender and the debtor. Farmer Tube addresses that pain point to ensure farmers can apply for loan waiver or loan restructuring in a one-to-one video chat with the lender, who might be the bank official or the local lender. It's an incredible app available for all farmers of the nation on the web, inspired by the call of the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India to the youth to help farmers who represent rural India.

To use the app please visit and wait a few moments as it loads. The production-ready app offers the ability to select the video and the audio source and more interestingly, the video profile. The video profile selection is important because, in rural India, internet coverage is average. The app allows having a video chat at as low as 120p. The highest quality supported is 720p. To use the app, the farmer needs to use a device with a microphone and a webcam. The app will run on all modern browsers. There is no need to install anything else. In rural India, there is at least one laptop in every village. The farmers will be able to use the app by contacting the person who owns the laptop. The app is built on AgoraRTC|BUILD v2.5.0-beta-0-gb3ebe40. The video profile selection feature is implemented with extreme care to ensure last mile coverage which was a challenge that was circumvented with excellence. An app that serves over 500 M people and is built on the agora web sdk, the leading web sdk for real-time communication is definitely an accomplishment to be proud of. More quality control features tailor-made for the rural audience can be added in future versions.

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