We present you Farmer meets Technology where we teach farmers and everyone about technologies. It teaches everyone about farm life and how it can be better for farmers.

What it does

It is full packet starting from farmers life and new technologies. The Vuforia apps installed in your phone with provided image targets in the Vuforia database will show a farmer.This Unity3D AR allows you to recieve databases including image targets and to regenerate in reality.

The AR Foundation app installed in android with AR Core XR Plugin helps to provide session and to identify default plane

  1. VR to Drone to water crop
  2. AR Drone to analyse crop
  3. VR to laser the bad crop

How I built it

1.Unity Foundation
2.Unity XR Core

Challenges I ran into

It was hard for to deploy the scene as it required basic some inbuilt application to run this application

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works and the execution as well.

What I learned

Mixed Reality

What's next for Farmer meets technology

Adding more technology agriculture perspective

Built With

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