Data has Revolutionized the World!!! People in the city use a lot lot of data to like to make small decision, like if you want to go to a restaurant you first check the weather, see the traffic condition on the way you are going to take,verify if the restaurant is open or not etc. But farmers have been kind of left out from this. Even now farmers take some critical decisions like what crop to cultivate without keeping data into consideration. It's partly because farmers can't process all this data. They want insights in way which they understand. Thus was Framer Jarvis born

What it does

Farmer Jarvis is sentinel being ( ;-) ) who live in the world of BlueMix. It is very power full with weapons like IBM Watson, Apache Spark, Insights for Weather etc etc. It uses freely provided agricultural data from United States Department of Agriculture National Agricultural Statistics Service (link), historical weather information processed using Analytics for Apache Spark, Weather insights from Insights for Weather by IBM, demand and supply data from USDA-NASS. It receives the farm location from the farmer and analyzes the historical data about that area correlates that with the weather and demand prediction and suggest a farmer the Top Five Crops which he can cultivate on his farm in a easy to understand way. It even shows him the historical of that crop in beautiful graphs. It lets the farmer compare two crops to make much better and informed decisions.

Top Features 1. Get Top five crops best suited to cultivate and make more profit in farmer's land. 2. See Historical Data about the crop and its stabiltiy. 3. Compare two crops side by side to see each other ups and downs

How I built it

The app is built on Android it uses google maps to let the farmer mark the farms location and it used to display the results. On the backend it uses IBM Bluemix, for analytics on weather it uses Apache Spark service and Insight for weather service and it uses Tradeoff analytics to suggest the best crop suited for the farm while maxmizing the profits.

Challenges I ran into

Designing the algorithm and parameters to decide the best crop for a particular farm land. Cleaning and sanitizing the data to be used.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making a Functional app which can be used by farmers.

What I learned

How to never give up!

What's next for Farmer Jarvis

I plan to release the app on the playstore and if I win or if IBM sponsor the hosting I will make it free app for farmers to use and take insight full decisions.

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