1. Due to covid-19, we saw that many sectors of the country were affected financially.
  2. Business places started laying off their workers, which meant a loss of income for these people.
  3. Small to medium business owners like the barbers, beauticians etc. were affected tremendously.

Customers’ Perspective

  1. Buying food or the accessibility of food was something the population was very worried about.
  2. Shops and Supermarkets were opened but not the local market where fruits and vegetables are sold.
  3. Farmers were not allowed to sell their produce, so this posed a big problem.

Government Perspective

  1. Country wide lock down, would be the answer to fighting the Civid-19 pandemic.
  2. The wearing of masks and sanitation was a must.

What it does

The team at the Coding Academy came together and decided to build an app that people can get access to fresh fruits and vegetables online without having to come outside and expose themselves of attracting the deadly virus. After making their purchase online, their produce would be delivered to them directly. In that way no one would be at risk, and the nation could continue to eat healthy to build their immune system Farmer Application is a project developed, which will help farmers sell their products to different parishes through an online platform. Farmers can use this facility and can learn how it is possible that e-farming is something real and not limited to e-banking. This application will act as unique and secure way to perform agro-marketing.

How I built it

Our stack is Ionic + React + python-Flask for our MVP and product we plan to launch into the market.

Challenges I ran into

The challenges we face was being able to connect our app with a flask sever and finding resources on react framework or tutorials

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

being able to communicate as a team and producing a working app that can help hour island and create jobs

What I learned

my team and i learn react as a new framework and how to create how first database with python-sqlite and being able connect it with a server

What's next for Farmer App

the next step is to complete the app and launch the server live and making it public to all users

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