What it does

Farmee bridges the gap between farmers and food banks during the food-donation process. The industry has made it a social taboo for farmers to donate to food banks publicly, and Farmee aims to end the frustration farmers may face by removing a middle man or any other form of publicity.

How we built it

Built using the Climate API on an Android application, using Microsoft Azure as a backend.

Challenges I ran into

Microsoft Azure made it relatively simple to send our data to the backend, but it was challenging to have the frontend and backend work with one another. Sending data as an 'Offer' required tracking data from different fragments, which was difficult because of the stipulations of object-oriented design.

What's next for Farmee

We need to get farmers and food banks to start using farmee so it can reach its maximum potential. Farmers want to donate, and Farmee aims to fulfill that goal!

Built With

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