This is inspired by study of various issues faced by farmers and how a simple collaboration of knowledge. This project is intended to help them by providing then a social networking website where they can form and follow groups and interact. We also build a system using, which we collected tweets related to farming and by doing some processing through word-list we detect type of tweet. Which tells about its issue or some thing they did and it had brought a positive effect on farming. These tweets are classified using location; we are trying to provide them tweets of their area.

What it does

This platform when fully functional will allow them to collaborate. Also we implemented a module, which will help this system to connect to Climate Corporation API.

How we built it

We used Drupal commons as social networking platform. We wrote Open source Drupal contributed module to talk to climate API.

Challenges we ran into

Choosing between technologies, lack of resources in annotated testing data.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Module to integrated climate corporation climate api (drupal open source contribution) Collection of tweets over night and develop some means to find meaning out of it.

What we learned

After diving into more research on the current state of AgTech, it was discovered that agriculturists have access to an immense amount of data and technology. It was also found that by 2050 the world's food supply would need to be increased by 60%. This intense demand calls for the communication and collaboration of farmers/agriculturists. Unfortunately, a social media platform that is tailored to the farming community had not been found. We found that communication can aid in the acceleration and distribution of not only data, but also news be it local or global. Working on this unique platform has helped us understand the benefits and vision of social media in the agricultural community.

What's next for Farmbook

The future for Farmbook is to provide farmers to collaborate in a much better, faster and easier manner. 1) Using climate corporation API it is possible to mark their fields and farms. We plan to build multiple user support for our social website users and they and mark their and see other farmers fields marked in same locality. Which will help them in building a community. 2) They can form groups, which will help them share, discuss and draw focus of others to an issue and its solution. 3) Integration with climate API will also help them to share their data and if two farmers and some institutes ever wishes to study this data this platform will also allow them to do that if both parties agree. 4) Various government programs and schemes can be published here and information can be given to farmers. 5) Various services one click and information programs section deployment will give them handy access to information needed. 6) Disaster management program for helping their farmland and others help alerts system can be easily integrated. 7) Basic climate information plugins dashboard and connected mobile apps which can be useful to manage automated farms.

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