Running a Chia farm is very challenging. A lot of unexpected things happening all the time which affect farm efficiency. Best way to make sure your farm runs smoothly is to check debug log, since it's the only source of all events happened to your farm. Some pools also have mobile apps which provide notifications and farm health status, but pool doesn't have access to all possible errors and events. We discovered that there is no all in one solution to this problem. Some solutions provide discord or telegram bots or web interfaces. Most of this solutions require to use CLI, but a lot of people are totally not familiar with CLI. So we decided to build a desktop and mobile apps, which can be easily installed and will provide user with notifications and real time status of his farm.

What it does

Desktop app constantly checks debug log. In case of any issues it will send notifications to desktop and mobile app. Also user can check what's happening with his farm through mobile or desktop app anytime.

How we built it

We took existing open-source solution - Chiadog and rebuilt it. We also wrote our backend service and iOS and android mobile apps. Desktop app (updated version of Chiadog) sends information to our backend service, which then grabbed by mobile apps.

Challenges we ran into

Getting into someone's else open source code is a bit tricky. Also as we discovered during rewriting chiadog parsing of debug log is also tricky.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The fact that is actually works :)

What we learned


What's next for Farm Monitor

We're planning to handle as much events as possible. Also we're planning to grab data from chia farm summary. Also we want to add open source wallet into the mobile app.

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