Create tools and media for farmers to grow more profitable farms.

What it does

First part is a blog network. Everyday farmers contribute articles and guides about issues that farmers face. In exchange we share our revenue with our farmers. Our revenue would come from advertisements that are strategically placed on the site and with strategic ad partners.

The second part is our data area. We showcase some awesome insights from around the country. We have a yield map and an export chart. Our goal is to expand the number of years we have yield and export data and to increase the number of crops.

How I built it

The media network is built on top of Wordpress and azure. It is built for scalability. We chose Wordpress because it is a proven technology and has a pretty decent mobile apps for the farmers to publish articles in case they want to publish on their phones.

The data section is built with Polymer. It was designed so that we could add more crops and years easily.

Challenges I ran into

I could not find a good source of how many of our different crops are imported.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Two polymer elements (Bing and Wikipedia) that can be easily used in a new project.

What I learned

Arizona is really efficient at growing corn! Big shocker since we grew up in Illinois.

What's next for Farm Insight News

Expand our farmer partners and the crop charts.

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