Inspiration . to see the income that farmers gets when they have market.

What it does.To ensure that farmers are empowered by getting direct market from different part of the country .

How I built having network with the farmers and consumers and because of that l have joined different groups of farmers in this country why l have been sharing with the idea of working as a network.

Challenges I ran into. the main challenge l have faced is lack of resources to get more farmers as my focus.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of.l am proud of achieved to started a store which can work as outlet of our farmers the other is have achieved to support a number of farmers from different part of the country .

What I learned.if farmers can be support we can sort the issues of food security

What's next for farm for life.the next phase is to ensure we get as many farmers as we can and by this l am working on the website to ensure we link farmers and the market direct with out having brokers and make sure we train farmers on the important of using technology ,because with corona now as Freshchoice l am able to get products from farmers and connect with consumers .

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