We are concerned about the farmers. Farmer is the most exploited person in our society.

Starting from cultivation, harvesting to Selling his produce, he get exploited by private money lenders, middllemen and government policies. And still he loves to do farming, the nobel work to feed the nation.

There are endless problems he suffers throughout his occupation.

Lack of money for cultivation practices
Water scaracity
Natural calamities
Slack of reources like quality seed and fertilisers
Market for his produce
Monopoly of middlemen in Mandis

You may ask: "What's the solution?" The solution

We at Farm food buy local and directly from farmers. Most of the farmers are unaware of the new technology and innovations introduced daily to the farmers. They are buying seeds from Stores which are sold to him for high rates,we help him get it for the subsidised price through Krishi Kendra’s available in your locality.

We donate half of our profit to some selected schools in villages and donate warm clothes, or books and stationary or provide proper furniture every year etc.we help in construction of public facilities for better health and sanitation or we select a few destitute families for medical and other help.

What it does Farm Food Asia is a platform that delivers delicious food to people and helps farmers by encouraging other people to buy local in the following ways:

We conduct a lucky draw for our customers who score highest in Save The Planet game on our website and donate $200 on their behalf
Teaching people about farming,teaching their next generation, because now they are dependent only on agriculture.
Providing them with a marketplace where they can sell those products

The different sections of our Platform Speak up for farmers: you can tap on the mic on top of our website and say "support farmers" and see the results! Play and Donate: we donate half of our profit on behalf of our customers Order Food: you can explore various mouth watering asian dishes Sell your products: once trained farmers can start selling what they produced on our platform

Farm food asia's next steps:

Make the list of traders working in each market available on a public platform. Farmers can simply call them and verify the costs before loading and transporting. Become a marketplace for these farmers to sell their .

You can expect to find our platform on link

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