We get inspiration from our farmers who are the creator of this nation but the hardwork wich they did is not payed well as they lost so much money because of price fluctuation. The Problem our application attempts to solve is Price Volatility of goods produced by farmers and the surplus in supply for a product which cannot be stored for later sale. An application that records data of the type and amount of seeds sold to farmers (updated daily by the shopkeepers) and the time at which these seeds have been planted (updated by farmers) will give an accurate prediction of the supply for the goods. Furthermore, the application will use past year trends for demand (as the goods themselves would not observe a drastic change in demand) to determine what the prices would be like for farmers to sell their produce. This will allow farmers to harness the laws of economics to yield maximum profit by simply choosing the more profitable type of seeds at any given time and avoid the excess supply altogether.

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