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Group Members

Riley Tschumper, Mitchell Nelson, Zach Sorenson, Peter Farley


We sought to create a project that would not only strengthen agricultural communities, but also increase the productivity of the farmers through the use of data.

What it does

Farm Connect is an image logbook of crops progress throughout the growing season with corresponding data. What makes this unique is, all logs are public and placed on a map for others to view. Farmers can utilize logbooks of other farmers in the area to modify and their farming practices.

How we built it

Built on the foundation of Google Maps API, we utilized JavaScript to pull data onto the map of farmers logbooks. HTML and CSS were used to format the data into a readable pages.

What's next for Farm Connect

  • Implement more APIs for data collection
  • Allow more customizable input
  • Data visualization (graphs, growth charts, etc.)
  • Social features (comments)
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