The risk of road accidents is higher among teens aged 16–19 than among any other age group. What is the best way to motivate them to shield themselves from the unforeseen expenses due to accidents? State Farm Game!

What it does

State Farm game is an amusing and yet insightful which educates the player about the importance of having an insurance in a fun filled manner.

How we built it

We used UNITY and GAME MAKER (gml) to develop the game. (We built a game in two different formats/versions: 3D - The one uploaded in the video "Video demo link" & 2D The one uploaded in the "Try it out" link

Challenges we ran into

How to gamify and solve an existential crisis? How to create and find sprites and assets? How to code in Game Maker and get a quick retro version of your intended game?

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Researching, brainstorming, screening, developing an idea and executing it in a span of 36 hours is a real challenge!

What we learned

What are the different type of insurances that State Farm provide and what are their benefits? How fruitful teamwork can be in high pressure situations!

What's next for State Farm Game

We intend to extend the features of the game and add more insights and improve the intractability. Add more levels to the game, where there is scope to improve the UI/UX. We plan to add a level two in which the game revolves around building a house where insurance can shield one's home from unforeseen things.

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