Farewell Memories was inspired by my wife's cousin, a doctor in Spain, who has seen cases where people are dying and not getting to say goodbye to their loved ones. It actually happened to one of her friends. They're getting rushed to the hospital, sometimes without their belongings and the ability to call home.

What it does

An app where a patient can borrow a doctor, nurse, or other patient's phone and record a message for their family, a farewell, and maybe any important information such as last wishes, etc. Once the phone has a good (wifi) connection, the video will be securely uploaded to our server where volunteers will work to find the intended recipient and get them the video.

For a demo, head to, and create a user name/password. We'll need to approve it on the backend, so email once you've done that and we'll give access.

How we built it

React-native for the mobile app, AWS S3 for storage, Lambda and API Gateway for the APIs. Admin page is built using react.

Challenges I ran into

We only heard about the hackathon on Friday and got started Saturday, so time has been tight. Beyond that, CORS, authentication, and security generally were difficult but an important priority.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning, and continuing to build something that will hopefully help people.

What I learned


What's next for Farewell Memories

Finish it, and get it to production!

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