We take rides, drive our friends, and pay for our car's gas all the time while also nagging the people to repay us for gas or not agreeing with the price that the drivers charge us.

What it does

HERE is where FareShare comes into play, it makes it "Fare" for everyone by calculating the total cost of a trip for specific vehicles and then dividing it equally amongst a defined number of riders.

How we built it

We used HERE's API and SDK as a mapping solution to figure out a total cost of the trip. We also used Algolio's library by loading-in car data and using their auto-complete and search API's for selecting a car to retrieve its MPG value.

Challenges we ran into

Learning a new API and parsing data, as well as implementing JavaScript concepts that are new to us. We also had trouble finding car data to use as a way of figuring out MPG for the ride.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A full-fledged website with routing capabilities and wide car selection.

We learned

How to host a website on AWS server as well as how to use domains (provided by

What's next for FareShare

  • Creating a portal for carpoolers and drivers to post rides. It is the cheapest way of travel for riders and a way for drivers to recoup the costs of driving benefiting both parties.
  • Creating mobile applications (Android iOS) for using FareShare conveniently with a phone.
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