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Technology Used:

  • Node.js® - JavaScript runtime backend engine
  • Ionic Framework - build beautiful and interactive mobile apps using HTML5 and AngularJS
  • Express - Webservice backend for Node.js
  • Apigee Edge - as API Proxy to enable optimize accessing Expedia APIs.
  • Github - source control
  • Expedia API - Flight search

Innovation and Creativity

Observe and vividly describe a problem

Make travel available to those with limited income, using their own paycheck rather than a high interest loan.

Hypothesis, "What if we could create or change one thing?”

To do this we have created an Expedia 'Trip Box' trip saving experience that helps someone save for a trip through social, and game like encouragements.

Business Value Add

How will you know if your project works?

Look at impact to ticket sales and social media references.

What will you measure?

  • Social media sharing and inviting of friends
  • Frequency and trend of saving for individuals' piggy bank.
  • Ticket purchases via this application.

How will you make money? How will your partners make money?

  • Increase ticket sales for a segment that is not traveling since they find it out of their reach

If the project is successful, what would be one thing you would do next?

  • User testing and validation on the problem hypothesis and current application experience.
  • Investigate electronic savings options.

Application to Travel Industry

  • How does this fit into the travel ecosystem? Getting those who to start the Experience sharing from saving to going on the trip. An app and store front experience separate of the 'regular' Expedia experience.

  • Who are your customers? Customers who are living from paycheck to paycheck.

  • Who are your partners? Competitors? Potential partners could be banks or credit unions. Content creators (image/articles) for the motivation page.

Competitors are credit card holders, high interest loans

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