Blockchain technology is thriving right now. Gaming industry as well. The grow of the intersection between blockchain (specially DeFi) and Gaming industry is our meaningful trend bet.

What it does

The main idea is to build a RPG game, that will run on the blockchain. Users will be allowed to use governance tokens to decide the course of the story and improve the charachters with NFTs rewarded in the events.

How we built it

We based the game in the RPG ( mainly original board Role Play game) rules. RPG game incentives through a blockchain interaction to enhance and allow a transparent decision making.

Challenges we ran into

Select a blockchain with low gas fees to lower the entry barrier. Minimize the development workload.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We aligned the idea throughout the team and created a Roadmap for the project.

What we learned

That we can use many available tools that will make our work easier to accomplish each task/development.

What's next for Fardelcoin

After consolidating the idea and the "Hows" we need to start assessing the requirements for each step.

Built With

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