Our approach on how we build the tutorial

The target audience for our project is starting from the intermediate-advance level, because at this level they have already tried or are familiar with the technologies used, but they still don't know where it is going. Also if there is a new technology, they don't know how to integrate it.

Therefore, our tutorial is divided into 4 parts:

  1. Introduction: why, how, Why did we create this faq-bot and what we will achieve.
  2. Bot analysis: how the system is, needs, specifications, and so on.
  3. Development phase: do step by step each component from its small steps such as how to integrate with messenger, how to make a webhook, how to train on wit.ai and so on.
  4. The conclusion: the references used and what to do in the future on this FAQ-bot for features, development, and more.


When we make a product, we want our customers, or users can use it as we wish. However, along with the development of this product, the more information is spread widely and make our customers lose their way.

As we know, Facebook messenger-platform has released an API that we can use to create a smart virtual assistant. This smart virtual assistant automatically replies to the messages from the customers. This assistant can also be integrated with wit.ai in order to make it easier to understand what customers saying.

And so, this is our application. FAQ-bot is a bot messenger that helps your page to answer frequently asked questions (FAQ) by the user. This bot is made to join the Facebook developer circle community challenge 2020. The contents are designed to answer the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Facebook developer circle community challenge 2020.

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