The idea for FanWave came from wanting to create a way to analyze the sentiment around different esports teams but also rewarding the participants. Watching any tournament with Twitch chat open shows the amount of support from all sides that get shown through encouraging messages as well as good old copypasta.

What it does

FanWave processes incoming Twitch messages during a fan war for positive sentiment and uses a point scoring system for the 2 teams that are having a war. The team with the higher score at the end wins the fan war and the list of supporters can be used for other things such as giveaways, gifting or a thank you.

How I built it

I created a Twitch chatbot to start parsing incoming messages after the start command was called in chat. These messages were then sent to Wit.AI for processing of sentiment as well as for their targetted team. Using the resulting return from Wit, I added a point to the team that was targeted if the sentiment was positive. I also then added their Twitch username to a set of unique usernames that support that team.

What's next for FanWave

A Twitch extension to show the live percentages of support for each team!

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