To Run

  1. Download our latest apk and install it (iOs pending)
  2. Insert phone into Google Cardboard
  3. Use it during game for best results


We wanted to techify baseball to give a new spin to a very old and classic sport!

What it does

By using Google Cardboard, we are able to give VR/AR vision to anyone in the stands. We provide a HUD while you watch the baseball to be able to push events out and show enhanced data about the game, and when the software detects a special marker we provide a transition to a VR world.

How we built it

Vuforia, Unity, Python, Love, and Friendship

Challenges we ran into

Getting all the web sockets to work, and improving the computer networking between devices. The front end/VR stuff was easy peezy!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Solving all of our challenges, and be able to complete our full goal for the project. No compromises were made!

What we learned

Lots about Python's scopes and basics of computer networking.

What's next for FanVision

Be able to stream from a 360 camera rig, so that in VR mode we can place a person anywhere they want, and livestream an interactive feed to them!

Built With

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