The goal of our project was to create an application that rewards people for attending sporting events. Currently, the project is focused mainly on Cornell sporting events, since their game schedule is easy to access and it serves a purpose close to hearts, but it could easily be extended to the professional level. Basically, our app will keep track of which events users attend and correspondingly reward them using a point system. After earning a certain number of points, they would be able to redeem their points for a reward (such as a discounted ticket). In order to ensure that users actually attend the games that they are credited for, we also created a Bluetooth transceiver that interfaces with the application. At the gate of the sporting event, users would simply swipe their phone near the transceiver and they will be automatically credited for attending. This ensures that people cannot abuse the system, which happens quite often with rewards systems such as this one. Furthermore, we have included the use of the Factual API to provide the user with information about restaurants that are near the location of the game they are currently attending. We have also been working on using the Priceline API to help users find nearby hotels as well. Overall our project was a strong mix of both custom designed hardware and software and we plan to continue improving upon our design in the future.

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