Currently the gamers don’t have full control on their in-game assets. What happens if their account gets banned for any reason on a particular gaming platform, all of their hard earned in-game assets are gone forever? The gaming community needs to have control over their in game assets after having played for multiple hours on the platform. These assets need to be tradeable even outside the gaming platform.

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What it does

Dungeon based RPG Gaming on Fantom

Verified contracts via Truffle on ftmscan testnet

Dungeon Token ([]

Gameplay Contract ([]

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Fantom Inferis


Built at fantom q1 hackathon

View the project demo on YouTube

Deeper Dive into the gameplay

Game 1

  • An RPG game built on the Fantom Blockchain, check the youtube video to view the demo.

  • Signup using Metamask Wallet with Test Tokens on Fantom Opera Testnet

  • Story based gameplay, player kills enemies with varying hit points to collect chests and mint tokens and NFT rewards

  • Player has to unlock the locked token gates to reach the ulitmate NFT that's locked up in the gardens across the lake in the map

  • For achieving this, he has to break open walls and unlock the wizard who's holding possession of the key to the token gates

  • In the end, defating the ultimate evil, angel the player reaches the ultimate NFT to unlock the NFT token level pass.

  • Player has three lives which are shown in the legend on the game UI, and opening every chest yields dungeon tokens (DGN) to the users wallet 4 tokens per chest collected

  • Players can also view their game collectibles in the Player Dashboard on the game UI (to be added soon)


Contract address

Game Contract deployed on Fantom Opera : 0xf10F9fd0Dd40c934FE5d19CE2Fb32b1b22540bF3 Verify on Fantom Opera Testnet image

Game 2

Screenshot 2023-03-08 at 7 53 59 PM

  • Help the Dwarf king to rebuild his homeland all made up of NFT.
  • The game is built using phaser and solidity deployed on Fantom Opera Testnet blockchain with help of truffle.
  • The enemy AI is equipped with capabilities that they starting approaching the hero as soon as the warrior approaches to collect the chest
  • The player can to deposit 10 DGN tokens deployed on Fantom TestNetwork inorder to play the game (stake token) image

  • After collecting all chests the player gets a reward of 2 x DepositAmount Here 20DGN, if killed, the player loses his stake.

Contracts deployed to Fantom Opera Test Network:

How we built it

Built with

  • Phaser
  • Soidity
  • Truffle
  • Fantom Blockchain Ankr RPC
  • React
  • Javascript
  • Aseprite for Game Assets
  • Adobe Illustrator & Figma

Challenges we ran into

Game development using Phaser, and integration of smart contracts for in-game events Asset rendering and animations

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Build two mini-games with token rewards (stake, battle and earn), and storylines for the games

What we learned

  • Deploying smart contracts with Truffle
  • Javascript game library Phaser

What's next for FantomInferis

  • Mobile Game built on Unity
  • Marketplace features
  • Walletless onboarding mechanisms
  • Advanced Guild Systems and multicharacter NFT integrations

Built With

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