• Existing marketing platforms (Gleam) providing Social Quest tasks haven’t had mobile app and are still Web2-based and facing problems such as ads fraud, manual, non-transparent payment for participants, etc.
  • Web 3.0 is the inevitable future. However, crypto users are reaching the limit. There comes a need for a product/service that is public-users friendly to expose more and more web2 users into the web3 industry.
  • For marketing campaigns, significant reports and/or statistics for analysis of post-campaigns have not been developed properly in any platform.
  • For users, they get no value for their data in web2 platforms.
  • Traditional businesses and mainstream KOLs can not join and benefit from Web3 industry.

What it does

We are building 3 PRODUCTS:

  • CLIENT WEB SERVICE: Support both traditional and crypto Clients to create campaigns with customizable tasks; Management tools: Auto-generate the reports, statistics after every campaign for evaluation and future strategy.
  • SUPER EASY-TO-USE USER MOBILE APP: All-in-one mobile app with Web2 users-friendly UI/UX, everyone can use without having to be tech savvy. Plats is the very first marketing platform in the world using mobile app integrated in Web3
  • KOL WEB SERVICE : Transparent mechanism for any KOL/KOC to join the form of affiliate marketing and get what they deserve; No-tech requirement, any KOL can join and spread to their communities; Full-tech support: community management dashboard, statistics, charts, payment, etc.

How we built it

Thanks to blockchain technology, rewards will be paid automatically by a smart contract rule. It’s transparent and consistent. We use some existing Web2 technology integrated with Blockchain in Web3.

Challenges we ran into

  • Researching the insights of clients, especially traditional businesses such as retails, events, restaurant chains, travel agencies, etc. to build and optimize our products.
  • Investing many efforts to design the UI/UX which is easy-to-use for all public users.
  • Figuring out anti-cheating mechanisms.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

  • Mobile app: with check-in task -> done.
  • Client Web Service (beta version) -> done
  • Fantom Solidity Smart Contract: Record Tasks , Reward User -> done

What we learned

  • We’ve learnt Fantom SmartContracts API and how to integrate it into the our project.
  • Working as a team
  • Understanding the need and difficulties of web2 users
  • Networking, meeting with many advisors/investors/VCs to optimize our products

What’s next for Fantom Quest

  • Mobile app: completing Social Quest task such as like, share, tag, post Twitter/Facebook/Telegram, etc.
  • Improving UI/UX of mobile app and Client Web Service for non-crypto users to use easily.
  • Researching more insights of all types of businesses in order to design friendly task lists.
  • Focusing on onboarding traditional businesses firstly.
  • Building our communities, focusing on Web2 users.
  • Researching to create more USPs, to keep users staying on our platform, etc.

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