As a team of student-athletes, we have noticed a large disconnect between those who attend university to play sports and those who attend to purely focus on academics. We wanted to create a fun way to spark a relationship between both parties as well as hopefully extract more school spirit out of the users.

What it does

This website is a fantasy soccer game. As the user, you will choose 5 field players and 1 goal keeper from the list of available conference teams to be on your squad. Depending on the players performance, the user will be awarded or deducted points. At the end of the weekend, you will have a total amount of points, which will be used to compare you to others in your league. So find your friends and sign up to compete against each other!

How we built it

We split the tasks up fairly evenly. One member worked on extracting the required week by week statistics in an organized way. The team made decisions on which statistics to award points for and keep track of. Another member worked on getting the parsed information into a database made in Django as well as creating the main back end components. All members of the team collaborated to design what the front end would look like on paper, which was then carried out by the third member. There were 3 major focus points on this project. One was to obviously get the website to work and be fun to use. Another focus was to create as elegant of code as we could in order to practice good habits. The last thing was simply to HAVE FUN

Challenges we ran into

One member of the team was almost completely new at python which meant his first hour or two was spent familiarizing himself with PyCharm and the libraries within Python. Another challenge was simply time overall. The team had soccer practice from 8:30 to 11 in the morning on saturday which meant there was much less time to complete the project. The final challenges came from a familiar cause of simple errors being made (most likely from lack of sleep!)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being new at a lot of the aspects of this project such as html parsing for one member, and Django or css for the others, we were able to combine our knowledge to solve all of our problems. Adding on that our major time restraint between the one day of work allotted for us and the time gaps for soccer practice and sleep (and food!), we were able to create a website that served an entertainment function as well as a social one too.

What we learned

The main themes we took away from this hackathon were the processes needed to go about gathering data and turning it into something bigger. We also learned more general topics such as simply using html and css to create a vision that we had.

What's next for Fantasy University

We would like the opportunity to extend this to more NCAA divisions, conferences, and teams as well as to more sports. Another idea is to integrate this website to be used for the intramural leagues that are popular on campuses nationwide.

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