Tried to use machine learning to analyze data provided by Astucemedia's APIs and then predict which players to draft and eventually which players to field during a matchday.

What it does

Takes user inputs for various possible fantasy pool configurations. That is, the members of different fantasy pools may choose to assign different values to goals scored by defenders vs attackers, etc.

How we built it

Had to chose between Node.js and Java Spring as the two technologies we would be comfortable in using while trying out new APIs.

Challenges we ran into

Misunderstanding of how the APIs and JSON work which made us lose hours. Formatting JSON and machine learning is a lot harder than we thought.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finishing despite the challenges we ran into. Having a decent idea, that if properly implemented, could have been a great new tool.

What we learned

How to manipulate JSON in Python, JavaScript, and Java. And a bit of machine learning.

What's next for Fantasy League Planner

If we could still use the API, we could actually implement more features/predictions based on previous data.

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