kids love to see their favourite cartoons and teens to their favourite characters so lets bring them into real life and enjoy music with them

What it does

It is built to bring cartoons and characters into real life and enjoy with them with music.

How I built it

I built an iOS app with swift and arkit. I used mixamo to create the character and its animations.

Challenges I ran into

I wasn't able to link the ARWorld with a proper user interface

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was successfully able to play music in the background and present multiple characters in real world.

What I learned

I have learned creating animated characters and implementing in Real World.

What's next for Fansee

  1. To build a proper user interface and implement different characters.
  2. We can host live dances where people can view them not only on-screen and also straight in their houses with the help of AR glasses.

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