I collected baseball and football cards as a kid, and loved to read the statistics on the back. I thought it would be cool to make such cards interactive and provide a lot more than stats, like twitter feeds, videos, and more!

I also wanted to support my local minor league soccer and basketball teams, so I used their logos.

How it works

The user scans either a team's logo or a player's photo or sports card and instantly they see the info on that team or player. That info can be twitter feed, video, tickets and more!

Challenges I ran into

Finding the logos and photos that I wanted to use. I used a small subset for testing, for purposes of the app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I think that this could be a fun, useful, and free app that might help kids get into trading cards again.

What I learned

There are a lot of types of information that fans would like access to.

What's next for FanScan

The next step will be to add more logos and player photos.

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