Kids always have a fun if you made-up a crazy funny story for them. So why this can't be done by Alexa? Also the chance to participate in #AmazonAlexaSkillsChallengeKids inspired us :-).

What it does

It creates a story from provided words - one animal, one color and one person. Basically it a story about little animal and his friend with lot's of funny effects. We are using sound and voice effects so the story is every time different even if you repeat it with the same characters. You can change one character and you will get completely new story.
Invoke: "Alexa, Create Funny Story"
Make your selection: "I pick Dog as a Animal, Ping as a Color, Batman as a Person and Kitchen as a Room"

How we built it

We've started with the basic skill functionality. Then we've discovered all the SSML (Speech Synthesis Markup Language) and Speechcon possibilities. We've created own voice and sounds effects and add some random narrator's (Alexa's) emotions.

Challenges we ran into

There were several challenges - first we weren't able to force Alexa to use the SSML. Also pro prepare right audio format. Thanks to the community of Alexa developers and the AWS documentation we finally solved all issues.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we've fine tuned the stories to provide natural voice experience and fun for kids.

What we learned

We have explored the unlimited world of SSML and Speechcons and little bit of Display Interface. We have also learned more about other AWS services like S3, CloudWatch, etc.

What's next for Funny story maker

We are looking forward for the feedback from the users. The plan is to regularly issue new funny story versions (that ´means the main theme of the story). We are also considering to implement the Dialog model.

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