We wanted to find a new & fun way to celebrate fans and their favorite celebrity athletes!

FanFlair was created from scratch for the Connect with Your Team hackathon. It’s an iPhone app that teams up with Twitter to put fans right into the most popular photos of their favorite athletes.

Why Photos?

  • Photos are super fun, and can be worth 1000 words.
  • People love selfies, and people love celebrities and athletes.
  • Fans deserve a photo with their favorites, even if they can’t meet them!

FanFlair Use Case:

  1. Fan takes a selfie with their iPhone.
  2. Fan chooses an awesome celebrity photo from Twitter.
  3. FanFlair magically puts the fan into the celebrity photo.
  4. Fan shares the amusing FanFlair photo with their friends.
  5. Celebrity athletes and their brand sponsors (hi, Nike) gain new fans.

FanFlair Features:

  • Delightful iPhone app that takes selfies and searches Twitter.
  • Image-processing server with a face-detection database.
  • Seamless integration of the iPhone app with the image-processing server.
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