By the end of each month, I will run low on mobile data and can't afford to turn it on just to read the next chapter. This web app allows me to read them offline and has the additional advantage of bypassing pesky "members only" or "subscribe to read full chapters" limitations in sites like

What it does

  • Loads all chapters of a fanfiction story with the given URL
  • Bypass "members only" and "subscribe to read full chapters" in AFF without login
  • Supports PDF download of the said page with design intact
  • Supports and domains

How we built it

Most heavy lifting was done via client-side javascript due to my inexperience with any server-side technology. The latter only came into play to facilitate HTML to PDF conversion.

Challenges we ran into

  • CORS when accessing web pages outside of local domain
  • Absolute newness in node.js and all of its basic concepts
  • Prior experience only with vanilla JavaScript, hence unfamiliar with Ajax and jQuery

Built With

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