Inspired by the 50th GRAMMY awards performance of a Frank Sinatra and Alicia Keys, as well as Eric Whitacre’s virtual choir, we wanted to create an easy and accessible way for creatives to place localized audio in a space using augmented reality.

What it does

Fanfare is a mobile app that helps content creators and marketers record and spatialize audio using AR. The application allows users to perform alongside friends or artists they idolize by recreating immersive performances and relive historic moments. We are able to accomplish all of this without the need to have many expensive AR peripherals. Users can experience immersive AR experiences by using only their mobile phone and BoseAR enabled headphones.

How we built it

iOS development tools (Xcode, Swift) combined with Google Firebase, Bose AR. Future plans are to extend into Unity, enabling more control of audio parameters such as convolution reverb to create an accurate simulated environment. Also incorporating Dolby IO for noise reduction and Hypno for video filters.

Challenges we ran into

Using firebase instead of AWS because of limited knowledge on integration. Attempting to do too much in very little time. Should have concentrated on perfecting one challenge instead of trying to incorporate as many as possible. Lack of developers on the team. Only one developer in a team of four.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Incorporating Bose AR into a spatial environment where you can see multiple videos in an augmented space with synced audio.

What we learned

It is better to prioritize sleep and well-being over work as it will dramatically affect your workflow. Create a schedule and do your best to stick to it - even if you are unable to complete your tasks as you can set aside time to come back to it.

What's next for FanFare

We aspire to transform FanFare into a social media platform giving fans a new dimension to interact with their favorite celebrities and influencers. In the near future we hope to take advantage of other APIs showcased at the Hackathon such as Dolby IO's noise reduction capabilities for on the go music / vocal recordings and Hypno's video editing capabilities to create more individualized experiences allowing for higher levels of creativity.

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