AI -- buzwords of 2018 onwards;; Cloud and edge computing. Blockchain and distributed secure computing.

What it does

Display wel-come message in multiple ways - fonts,languages

How I built it

Used the python language as source. DeepcloudAI

Challenges I ran into

Making all the tools install,debug and run.

  • windows 10 -- used special version of docker (older windows - virtulization issues ..)

  • Create so many accounts

  • Remember password and verify

  • Application debug

    Accomplishments that I'm proud of

    Accomplish a working project. Used different resources. Foundation for future projects

    What I learned

    Use laptop and internet to make cloud oriented projects.

    What's next for Fancy welcome

    More sofisticated messages using multiple picture images


Detailed descriptions:

Display welcome message in different languages,colors etc.. Future plans of Replay a set of picture images in sequence from a storage.

In the simplest form just display the


=============================================== Current project: Updated github with simple python code for the project

Youtube link:

=============================================== Future plans ...

Can be implemented many ways ...

Url and other things ..etc.. will be added later after deep analysis and qa/tests.


Built With

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posted an update

The hub.docker.... has been setup for putting repository. repository is named as - krishnajydoc ;; .... github is setup/used for developing the software/python simple codes. Also will be used/updated in future updates. ...

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