Taxa's private execution environments combined with the need for fast and scalable asymmetric information games across many industries (such as advertising, supply chain, etc.)

What it does

Demonstrates the use of Torus login with a fun, anxiety-inducing auction system where users can bid on fun (imaginary) goodies.

How we built it

React, Torus, Offchain Labs, Taxa

Challenges we ran into

Suitably modifying each of the three technologies to work together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making three new technologies work together taught us a lot about where the industry is headed!

What we learned

The industry has come a long way in the last year (good things mostly!), and it continues to change at breakneck speed.

What's next for Fancy Lobster Auction

Probably not too much. It's a fun proof-of-concept, and it will live on in our personal Hackathon Hall of Fame

Built With

  • offchain
  • taxa
  • torus
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