Luke first got inspiration for this project when some of his favorite bands tweeted links to "exclusive" pre-sale registrations for tour tickets. The problem with this approach is there is no way to verify that those who sign up are actually fans at all. It is simple for ticket scalpers to exploit these offers. Julian has a similar idea to create a rewards system for music fans. We decided to collaborate after meeting at the hackathon.

Our project aims to solve this issue, by creating a proof of fandom backed by blockchain technology.

What it does

Allows artists and music labels to see which fans own their merchandise and physical albums, and interact with their fans.

Fans who buy merchandise receive tokens on the blockchain, proving their appreciation for artists. These tokens are uniquely identifiable, and track ownership over time. Fans can then show off their collections, interact with other fans, and maybe even access exclusive perks from their favorite artists.

From an industry point of view, artists, labels, and other industry members can create tokens for items they wish to sell, or create tokens for other purposes, like events and limited time promotions. Industry members will be able to see all of the tokens they created, and see profiles of fans that have amassed large collections of fan items. We envision artists will be able to use these tools to offer exclusive opportunities to their most dedicated fans, and encourage more people to participate in their fan community.

How we built it

Blockchain backend built with R3's Corda. Website developed using React and Node.js. Website supports Spotify API as well as API to create and transfer tokens on the blockchain.

Users can link accounts to Spotify, with additional platform support expected in the future.

Challenges we ran into

The Spotify API endpoints for pulling entire user play histories is no longer available, which drastically affected the scale of our final prototype. Had this endpoint still existed, we would be able to demo a live website with many real users, rather than sample fan accounts.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

A functional prototype that makes real API calls to conduct transactions on the blockchain.

What we learned

How to leverage Corda for distributed ledger transactions.

What's next?

Landing page for information about the service, as well as registration for fans and industry members. Evolution of our blockchain platform to provide more information. Scannable QR code transfers of tokens. Integration with other music services. More detailed website and information available to both fans and industry members.

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