When FaceBook had exclusive rights to 25 MLB games, over 100 million people viewed these streams. The largest stadium in the MLB has a capacity of only 56,000; there is obviously a huge discrepancy here. How do we engage the millions of fans that can't support their team at the stadium? This is especially relevant in a country like Canada with only one team in the MLB. It's simply not possible for every fan to get to the stadium. Our goal is to provide top class fan experience for all fans in and out of the traditional venue.

What it does

The FanBattle app is a sports trivia app that keeps track of your scores. Users can log in through social media or email to share and compete with other baseball fans. Future goals include allowing users to exchange their points for prizes such as merchandise or tickets to the game.

How we built it

We have a great team of people who understand how to manouver code in tight timelines. We used XCode to upload them on to our testflight account.

Challenges we ran into

We have a couple of glitches. For starteers the keyboard doesn't disappear on some pages which blocks key features such as log in and registration. We also designed it specifically for the iPhone X model so when we were testing it on the iphone 6, some of the pages were cut off. We also were not able to authenticate the instagram log in on the day of as we needed external permissions from the Facebook.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the keyobard to go down on a page. Adding ourselves as sandbox users so we can log in and access the quiz.

What we learned

People need to show up on time. There is a huge need for remote fan engagement in the sports industry as new technologies develop.

What's next for FanBattle

We are looking forward to using the technology we develop to partner with major sports organizations and engage their fans.

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