What it does

We are designing a new modular version of the Medical Full Face Hood and we need Fan to blow filtered air into the hood to medical specifications. Being modular it can be used in various formats other than the hood we are developing. So would be great to get help for a design and electrical engineering team. The fan to be designed needs to have a Square or rounded casing, be easy to clean, have a Brushless DC motor, powered by battery, need to generate atleast 2 litres of air per minute to be pushed through the filters of various resistance and battery to last atleast a few hours. Some feedback loop from the air getting in through the filter would be useful. Risks of stopping of the fan, and not enough air flow needs mitigation.

How I built it

We explored the requirements. Figured out that we could start with off the shelf fans which have the ability to push the required amount of air needed. Then need to tackle the noise.

Build controls for altering the flow rate by voice control if possible.

Challenges I ran into

Getting the specifications to start manufacturing was the key. Flow rate Resitance Feedback on the flow achieved Filtering achiements

Moisture check Oxygen Saturation check in the hood

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Team and expertise brought together. The knowledge each member of the team have to create something rapidly.

What I learned

What's next for fan for modular medical full face hood

Start working with the university to create a few models and test it in the Modular masks. User testing and medical testing for the efficiency of the fan to be tested. Risk assessment and failure prevention.

Apply for various EU Funding. Pitch to UK and European Investors

Clinical testing at University Hospitals of Leicester -UK

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