All the information to maximize your enjoyment of a live Blue Jays game!

What it does

This is a mobile app designed to inform you before the game, during the game and after the game. It was designed to be easy to update with a Contentful CMS and easy to tailor to the specifics of a team.

How we built it

Angular, Ionic, ContentfulCMS, TypeScript

Challenges we ran into

  • Real time collection of all data due to Integrating live feeds while out of season
  • Limited timeframe to develop the app so only CMS hookup is live.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We have created an app that we believe that fans would actually use.

What we learned

  • Even though we are all die-hard Jays fans, we all have different reasons why we go to see the Jays live….. and this app would unite us and enable us all to get the most of our game day experience.
  • The non-tech participants learned about some aspects of software development.

What's next for Fan Experience

  • We would hook into live data feeds and integrate image links from the CMS
  • We would build a feature that would allow users to customize the app to their own preferences.
  • Teams like the Blue Jays organization could leverage this data to target for future marketing and opportunities.
  • Create more localized versions of the app content applicable to other MLB teams.
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