To eliminate kids from searching the web for good educational content, allowing them to vote and submit what they and their peers think are good educational material.

What it does

The idea behind this web application is to provide a community governed, kid friendly corner, which allows user to submit high rated educational videos and games the public community can add build together using the blockchain.

The site uses ethereum's blockchain to store website information, and allows the community to add or remove content based on a general consensus vote. Using Google's Plus API, we allow users to be able to login and vote, and or submit content to be included for children.

How I built it

We used truffle, and allot of hardwork trying to create a web API which services as a portal to go content the community deems through votes. Also: Go-Ethereum Bootstrap Html Git Tears

Challenges I ran into

Creating a blockchain to do something that is currency focused.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Setting up a working blockchain.

What I learned

Hacking for good is always fun, and bitcoin is tedious.

What's next for Famulus

Getting it to be self maintaining and working for the world to use.

Built With

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