Email is an incredibly powerful and influential platform, but is used a lot for Spam, what if the power of email were given back to the users?

What it does

It's a combination Email list/Social media site. You can follow people, block others and send messages out in a controlled manner, most importantly, the user is in full control of what comes in and out, and can change at any time

How I built it

It uses node.js for the back end, html5 and javascript for the client side, and python for SparkPost integration

Challenges I ran into

difficulty of explaining the power and uniqueness of a social media platform that you don't directly interface with

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

building a semi-full website with node.js, something I don't have much experience in

What I learned

node.js, asynchronous design

What's next for FamSpam

some more design work, depending on interest

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