I just wanted to create a application for family, friends & colleagues and being connect with them on one plateform. See their current location, Say them Hi! for this I just take a step & create a native android app using Java & Google Platfrom SDK & APIs.

What it does

famMap is the one type of tracker app where you can connect with your family, friends & colleague and see them on real maps. Here you can also search places with address or place type (Restaurent, Hospitals etc.). famMap gives you flexibility and good user experience.

How we built it

I used tools that make it easy to get right into what matters: creating a native android application that people want to use. I develop this whole app using Java, Android Studio & Google Maps SDK & APIs.

Challenges we ran into

To be honest, I started project from 4 last days of deadline. It was really tough for me to implements Google Maps SDK & APIs. I faced lots of issues during customizing app & integrating API but finally I completed it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Committing to something new with the knowledge you are submitting it for judging takes courage, to begin with! I am proud I committed, created something I was inspired by, and followed through by submitting it!

What we learned

Taking an application from an idea to a functioning thing is a multi-step process that I knew nothing about before beginning my journey with this challenge. It was really a great time to build with Google Maps Platform. I explored a lots of new things. Google Maps Platform documentation is really a great thing for me it helps me to understand everything quickly.

What's next for famMap

I would like to refactor and optimize with a focus on accessibility. Making the application more responsive & multi pages. I'll intregate some more features like add family member real image on Maps, add status, update danger zone, add or remove member, verify member & many others.

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