**Parents are often underestimated when it comes to the factors that affects their child's well being. We came up with an app that allows parents to brainstorm ideas of how to deal with their kids the best possible way, with the information provided by means survey questionnaires to their children. **

What it does:

 **It allows parents to seek help in effective parenting using responses we get from student responses, focussing on the key issues that create unrest in the parent-children relationship. This application address the gap between the parent-children relation ship especially with the teen group of students. It also collects feedback form the parents and students for the future improvisation of the questionnaire. **

How I built it:

 **We used HTML5, CSS and PHP to come up with our mobile application and website**

Challenges I ran into:

 **There were a lot of privacy issues that we had to deal with, especially when it comes to the children. But ultimately we were able to create our product with the level of anonymity that we wanted.**

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:

 ** Creating the questionnaire was a major achievement.**

What I learned:

  **A lot of stuff related to child psychology and web page creation with team building.**

What's next for Famkind:

  We're planning on connecting with schools in order to rapidly increase our user base, and help more parents do their job effectively.

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