FamilySearch Store allows users to learn more about their family history by querying news, music and Amazon in real-time as they scroll and interact with Family Tree diagrams using an iPad.

The screenshots presented are from:

  1. Finalized iPad app v1.0
  2. Finalized wireframes of the app

The app performs this by allowing the user to select one or more ancestors using touch actions and converting them into API queries against services.

Target Audience

My target audience is for people interested in learning more about their Family Histories and create a UI that persuades the user to purchase more items.

The UX does this by gently introducing Amazon items, mixed with fascinating content pulled from YouTube and News Artifacts APIs (e.g. the Library of Congress API). The content presented is non-intrusive and gently updates on a sidebar as the user navigates and looks at their family tree.

Key Features:

Innovative Touch-Based Family tree selection: All content in the feed is context based, and depends on exactly what the user is looking at in real-time.

The ability to select one or modes was my solution for enabling the user to query a time period (e.g. 1843-Present Date). Location data was also very crucial towards making sure the content was focussed and relevant.

The most difficult technical challenge was drawing the tree view. This view is done entirely mathematically, using the ascendencyNumber to determine the number of generations (log 2 of ascendency number) which in turn is used to determine the most number of 'leaves' at each generation (2^n).

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