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“Many of us scour libraries, attics, government data, cemetery records, and online sources to learn more about where we come from, hoping that uncovering the stories of the generations before us will give us a better understanding of the people we are today...” - A.M.B., on the Misfortune of Knowing Blog

But what about trying to understand who our ancestors were and the world events around their lives? If all we seek to do is understand who we are today then we are only getting half the story.

FamilyNews is an iOS application that syncs with your FamilySearch account and pulls down your lineage. Using that, the application will provide you with pertinent world news around the time an ancestor lived.

I created an api that aggregates and curates news events from several sources such as wiki, imdb, historyorb, and more. News events are then loaded from my api.

The app includes great features such as an audio recorder to preserve memories or retellings of a relative's accounts of an event.

FamilyNews will help you uncover the world history surrounding your ancestors so that you can better connect with them and understand the times they lived in.

In the future, users will be able to login with any genealogy service account info, not just family search, and be able to take full advantage of the app.

An android version of the app is also in development.

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