Inspiration Facebook is a hub of connecting people from whole world and Familysearch is hub for loads of family data.So by merging we can connect unnoted family members in facebook and get a huge data source for familysearch to drive in unregistered people.

What it does

It allows users to sync their family data and facebook.It injects family member suggestions ,places suggestions etc into facebook page getting persons family data from family search if already the person's heritage is available.If not it creates person and write backs the data available in facebook like name,DOB,place,interests and also creates family tree by using the Groups of person in facebook.

How I built it

Using chrome extension api , facebook graph api , familysearch api and javascript.Data is collected from facebook and family search process and exchange between them.A javascript is injected into facebook page to show the data from family search and add family member suggestions similar to friends suggestions provided by facebook.

Challenges I ran into

To work with chrome extension getting the api's work in background.To create a person in familysearch by getting facebook data of person is bit tricky to get, process and send whole lot of json/xml data at once.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of To work with chrome extension , familysearch and managing loads of data.

What's next for FamilyHunt To create facebook pages for each family and post ancestry and other data on page and to post date wise important events in page and connect them.

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