FamilyCare is an app that connects parents to their day care providers using their mobile devices. The app provides for:

1) Class setup with teacher assignments.

2) Parent and student registration

3) Class enrollments.

4) Real-time Chatter notifications for last-minute schedule changes and emergencies.

5) Replicated class schedules to keep parents and teachers in sync with class activities.

6) Chatter files in Class feeds to share permission slips and other documents with parents.

7) Daily pre-class tasks help parents organize their mornings.

8) Daily homework assignments to help parents stay involved with their childrens' education.

9) Chatter feeds for class announcements.

I wish we had this app when we were raising our 6 children. When they were in day care, my wife and I constantly worried about what they were doing and if they were OK. Getting the children ready for school every morning presented logistics challenges, too. Who needs to bring lunch, extra clothes or class materials? Who needs permission slips for special events? What are my children doing in class? Many times we would forget something. This app provides quick, mobile access to pre-class tasks, class schedules, and homework.

Our target users are day care facilities and their teacher/parent/child community. Day care facilities in isolated markets may choose to pass on the cost of this app to their parents. Facilities in competitive markets may choose to offer it at no extra charge to create a unique selling proposition.

Keeping parents connected and involved with their children's early education is critical to the success of both family and society. This app facilitates that involvement. Bringing this app to market would therefore create both commercial and social value.

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