FamilyBurrowClock brings the magic of Harry Potter's Burrow Clock to the Apple Watch. The purpose of this app is to allow family members to instantly know the whereabouts of each other. FamilyBurrowClock provides real-time notifications when a family member enters and leaves predefinited locations. Said locations are configured as tracked geofences.

Demo Use Case:

In the morning, all family members, Mom, Dad, Amy and Ben, are at home. Amy is a highschooler and has an early morning band practice and is the first to leave the house. As soon as Amy leaves the house, the family members who have subscribed to notifications receive a notification indicating she's now traveling. Dad is the next to leave; he is commuting to work. As soon as she arrives at school, another notification is sent to inform that she's entered the school region. Shortly thereafter, Ben leaves for school, so the next notification indicates that Ben is now traveling.

At any time, family members can view the status of each other's location in the Watch app. The app allows for easy setup of additional geofenced locations and family members.

Key Features:

  1. Delightful, easy UI that clearly shows family members' current location and transit state.
  2. Concise, clear notifications instantly communicate the location for each family member.
  3. App can be configured to fit your family's needs, i.e. additional locations and/or family members.
  4. App seamlessly integrates Swift and WatchOS1.

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