Inspired by Evernote Food and my two little boys, FamilyJournal is designed to let you record the moment you spent with your love ones and your baby's growth.

Often time, when I look at pictures, it is hard for me to remember how old my two little boys were when the pictures were taken. As a parent, I would love to see that piece of information every time when I look at a picture of my children. So I create this app to help myself.

When using this app to create a journal, it will automatically bring back information like how old my children were, what day it was, where we went, as well as how the weather was on the day photos were taken. I can then write down what happen on that day and save it to Evernote as a part of my sweet memory.

FamilyJournal is designed for iPhone and iPod Touch running iOS 4.3 or later.

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